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'''Sir Eric Keightley Rideal''', Fellow of the Royal Society|FRS, Member of the Order of the British Empire|MBE (11 April 1890 – 25 September 1974)[ Rideal, Sir Eric Keightley (1890–1974)] rev., D. D. Eley, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004, accessed 17 Feb 2011 was an English physical chemist. He worked on a wide range of subjects, including electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, catalysis, electrophoresis, colloids and surface chemistry.'Biographical Notes' entry for Rideal in ''[ The World of Physical Chemistry]'', Keith J. Laidler, 1993, p. 445 He is best known for the Eley–Rideal mechanism, which he proposed in 1938 with Dan Eley (chemist)|Daniel D. Eley.
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